Saturday, October 10, 2009

Simple Navigation Plugin Version 2

About six months ago I wrote about the first release of the simple navigation plugin. It's a GemPlugin to generate the navigation for your ruby on rails applications.

As far I can judge from the feedback I got from the community it seems like a lot of people are using the plugin. So I'm really happy to announce version 2 of the simple navigation plugin.

The main new features are
  • create as many navigation levels you like (so far it was limited to primary and sub navigation
  • the active navigation item gets highlighted automatically (no more explicit configuration of the active item in the controllers needed)
Please check out the
and see some live examples on the demo page.

For providing feedback or get help visit the discussion group or drop me a line on github.


Unknown said...

Hi there,

Hi there,

Is there a simple way to pass a :custom_id instead :id as show below?

primary.item :books, 'Books', books_path, :custom_id => 'my_custom_id'

best regards

Andi Schacke said...


gekong said...

not too familiar with haml and sass. kinda lost on how to start using ur beautiful plugin. do you have a simple-sample working rails app that can be run? might help noobs like me.

Andi Schacke said...

@gekong: The code for the sample-application running on is available on (for Rails2, Rails3, Sinatra and Padrino). Hope this helps.

Btw: you don't need to use haml or sass, it also works with html/erb and plain old CSS.

gekong said...

will look into it.

gekong said...

now that ive seen haml....
goodbye html! thanks!

Andi Schacke said...

wait until you see SASS. Try to use it instead of CSS, you will feel as if you were in heaven :-)

And when you learn sass, have a look at compass, it's a really great framework based on sass.

Hope life is good in the philippines. Enjoy.

Outsourcing Partners said...

Will be back soon for more resources....